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Submitted on
September 6, 2009
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It' so weird to look into her eyes because I know she's not really staring back. That when she looks at me, she's not really seeing me. And somehow it makes me feel better.

I know it's shallow to like the fact that she can't see my scar, but it goes beyond appearance. I don't have to feel like her eyes are judging me. That she doesn't base her recognition of me by my face. Toph sees me in a totally different way than most people.

But sometimes I wish she could see. When I catch her eyes, I wish they were a normal green instead of the weird, but pretty ones they are now. I want to connect with her without having to make a sound or touch her. Not that I don't mind. Toph makes up for her blindness with physical contact.

But it's not to know how she's feeling. Her eyes tell no story besides the obvious one. And that makes it difficult to be with her. With Mai, at least I knew where I stood and when I looked at her I could feel her intense glaze staring back. But with Toph I don't have that luxury. Most of the time I am just guessing.

But I wouldn't give it up for anything. No matter what, I feel like I can be myself around Toph not matter how our eyes look. There is no fear of her staring at me and thinking that I look weird or something.

Toph doesn't need sight to know me and I don't need to look at her eyes to know her.
Next prompt was eyes, which I was looking forward too. I like the idea of writing this prompt since Toph is blind and so doesn't natural use her eyes.

So join and tell me what you think. XD

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I love how you can tell who was speaking without saying a name. And that's not just because it was Toko Week.

Another two things. Second paragraph: I suggest using "weird yet pretty" or even "weird-but-pretty" eyes instead of that comma. It threw me off. Also, fifth paragraph, you added a "t" to "no", making it "not".

Sorry for critiquing you. You just seem like someone into writing, and I thought I could help, little by little. Just grammatical stuff.
No problem. I don't mind when people point out my mistakes. As long as they are nice about it. I don't like it when people go "You totally screwed up this story." or something. XD


That was super cute! Good job!
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